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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Career Fair 2010

* Venue : PWTC, KL
* Date : 19th – 21th November 2010
* Time : 10am – 7pm
* Organized by: My Events Sdn. Bhd
* Supported by: Ministry of Human Resources

My Career Fair is back again! This exhibition will be know as My Career Fair 2010, targeting about 80 – 100 companies for this fair. In short the exhibition will be a great platform for recruitment of human resources. This platform is to create a branding exercise and a recruitment drive where the right employer meeting the right employee face to face, ” unleashing opportunities” for the coming year 2011.

p/s : Mana tau kot2 nak berubah angin..rebut la peluang nihh!!!


Amy Syaquena said...


jauh x dapek den nak poie..

Ezzu Raza said...

Boleh apply online kot..

Ciao Annin-sama said...

Oh! Event dekat bawah opis saya! Hehe! Tapi x sempat nak singgah tadi huhu...

AziE said...

peluang bagus ni

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