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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lifetime Power Window Warranty For PROTON Cars !!!

Pakai proton?? x pe..berbangga lah..kata orang ukur baju badan sendiri..aku pun pakai proton per..
cuma nak kongsi sket..dah ada pengumuman nih...
Pasal power window lar..apa lagi..citer dari zaman Tun M lagi..dari aku sekolah rendah lagik..hehehe..
Dah ada lifetime warranty beb..so kalo rosak ker..aper kemm..boleh la p claim kat service centre ekk..
Ni aku amik dari laman web proton..yang kaler2 merah tu isi penting yer pembaca-pembaca budiman sekalian...

‘Power Window Promise’ Offers Lifetime Power Window Warranty For PROTON Cars
SUBANG JAYA, 17 OCTOBER 2011 - Stamping its assurance on quality and reinforcing its pledge of being ‘Committed to be Better’, national car manufacturer PROTON Holdings Berhad today launched its ‘Power Window Promise’ - a Power Window Lifetime Warranty that is applicable for all new Proton models registered from 1 September 2011 onwards and current Proton models that were still under manufacturer’s warranty as at 1 September 2011.
The warranty is applicable only to all Proton car models sold in the domestic market, covering models that include the Exora, Inspira, Saga BLM, Satria Neo, Persona, Perdana, Waja, Gen.2, Wira, Iswara and Savvy; and is applicable to both private and fleet owners. It covers four main components related to the vehicle’s power window mechanism: the power window regulator, power window motor, power window switches and power window run channel. Upon claim by eligible customers and subject to compliance with Proton’s terms and conditions of the Power Window Lifetime Warranty, the warranty will be undertaken by PROTON at no charge, including all labour and part costs for the power window components. 

“At PROTON, quality and customer satisfaction are our priority and we are continuously improving and enhancing our customers’ driving experience as part of our never ending commitment to be better. Our ‘Power Window Promise’ is one of the many initiatives that we are doing to fulfil this commitment. It is also one of our most significant initiatives yet, as it truly symbolises a departure from our past shortcoming and the confidence we have in our products today,” said PROTON Group Managing Director, Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

To be eligible to claim the warranty, owners of Proton cars that were registered before 31 August 2011 and still under manufacturer’s warranty as at 1 September 2011 will need to claim their Power Window System Warranty Registration certificate from any PROTON authorised service centres, Proton Edar Sdn Bhd and EON service branches, as well as at authorized dealer outlets nationwide. A prior appointment must be made before they can collect the certificate from the respective service centres. The warranty certificate, however, will not be necessary for owners of Proton cars registered from 1 September 2011 onwards as the ‘Power Window Promise’ is already included in PROTON’s new Service Booklet.

Consistent with global automotive standards, the warranty is limited to 250,000km or 10 years from the date of the vehicle registration (whichever occurs first). The eligibility for the warranty is also subject to PROTON’s terms and conditions of the Power Window Lifetime Warranty which include full compliance of the recommended periodical service maintenance, as specified in the Service Booklet, at PROTON authorized service centres. Proton cars with expired manufacturer’s warranty will not be eligible for the Lifetime Warranty but may still benefit from the normal PROTON parts warranty cover. 

While PROTON has made tremendous and significant improvements in terms of quality which is reflected in its new generation of vehicles, Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin said some negative perception of the brand continues to exist today.

“Correcting this perception is a challenging but necessary task, and this Power Window Lifetime Warranty is one of the initiatives that is being undertaken to put to rest this particular stigma. It saddens us that our customers purchase Proton cars whilst questioning the quality of our power window, to the point that they refuse to utilise it for fear of damaging it. Hence, today we would like to put to rest that fear and provide peace of mind to our valued customers. Our message is simple: Should you buy a Proton car today, please know that the power windows are working, they are working well and you have our Power Window Promise to back you up.”


Network55 said...

Good info bro...I think I've heard about this lifetime warranty quite sometimes ago but they make it official now..unfortunately it's not applicable to me as I've swtich to Nissan. That power window stigma still "sticking" strongly in my mind and also other proton owners. Good effort though!!

Ezzu Raza said...

tq for the feedback.agreed wth u.ni citer lama bro.hopefully dia bg lifetime warranty bukanla maksud ari ni p tukar sok dah kene dtg ganti balik lagi sekalik.hahahaha.

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